Pregnant Mother Killed by Crossbow, Arrow Hits Within Inches of Baby Who Miraculously Lives

In East London a 35-year-old mother to be was doing some errands around her home. She was standing at her kitchen sink while her husband took a box outside to the backyard storage area. Carrying the large TV box, he walked inside and found his wife’s ex-husband Ramanodge Unmathallagadoo inside with a crossbow and arrow.

He was chased inside his home by Unmathallagadoo as he shouted to warn his wife and kids. Ramanodge horrifically shot his ex wife in the abdomen the weapon. She ran to get away as best as she could but it was too late. The event occurred early in the morning in the presence of her 5 other children, ages 1 to 17 years of age.

She was taken to the emergency room but didn’t survive. The arrow was still in her midsection. The doctors were worried it would threaten the baby. They did everything they could to rescue the baby. It was reported that the arrow missed hitting the baby by only a few inches. An emergency surgery was done to remove the child from its mother’s body.

The medical team was able to save the baby and he wasn’t injured. It was a miracle he survived.

Family members named the boy Ibrahim and he is doing well. He is being watched over by medical staff at the hospital to confirm his stability. They are expecting the newborn to be healthly.

Authorities took Unmathallegadoo away and he was charged for murder earlier in the week.

Our sincere prayers for the entire family at such a difficult time.

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