Little Caesar’s Employees Post Note On Door To The Man Caught Digging Through Their Trash

What Jesus asked from some of his followers was not easy: sell all you have and give it to the poor. Practically speaking, this may not be possible to practice for whatever reasons. However, the meaning behind this statement is simple: there is no limit to how much we can do for charity. We always have enough so that we can share. Little Caesar’s recently showed us how charity is done right. Having noticed a homeless man rummage through their garbage every day looking for leftovers that he could eat, the employees decided to approach him and ask him how they could help him. However, the man may have felt too embarrassed and kept running away when they approached. Realizing this, the employees put up a signboard inviting the man to come in for a few slices of pizza and a cup of water, guaranteeing that nobody would ask any questions.

The beautiful gesture by these employees is truly commendable and is a shining example of how we can find ways to help others rather than simply give up saying “I tried”. The main point here is intent – and good intention is what differentiates an altruistic deed from one that is done simply for the sake of it. And this is not the only time that Caesar’s went out of its way to help – they have been delivering leftover pizzas to the homeless people in the area for a long time!

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