Paralyzed Pregnant Dachshund Finally Gives Birth To The World’s Most Adorable Litter

Every dog deserves a loving home, food and a roof over his head, just like humans. And although not everyone loves dogs as much as we do, dog owners have a duty to give a good life to their dogs.

However, this is unfortunately not the case. And we’ll never understand how anyone can hurt or abandon their family’s four-legged members.  This dachshund named Maria was mistreated by her former owners.

She was malnourished, paralyzed, riddled with fleas, and anemic.   When she was eventually rescued by an animal advocate, Maria was taken right away to an animal hospital. There, the vet made an unexpected discovery.

Maria was pregnant, but not with just one or two puppies… She was going to have seven little pups!

Even though she was weak, Maria fought to have her puppies.

Since Maria was paralyzed, she had to give birth via a C-section.

The operation went smoothly and all of her puppies were born healthy.

Then, something amazing happened. After a lot of physical therapy, Maria also learned to walk again!

Now, she and her puppies have all been adopted by loving families.

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