Please Pray: ‘Miracle Baby’ Stabbed By Dad Just After First Birthday

Bradley Batchelor was born premature weighing just one pound and four ounces. Doctors didn’t expect the little boy to survive, but the miraculous “preemie” proved them all wrong and pulled through! “If you don’t believe in miracles, there is one right here,” his mother, Hannah Batchelor, said. Bradley’s first birthday was a huge milestone, but then something tragic took place.

Bradley’s dad, David Batchelor, got high one day and attempted to murder his family following a domestic dispute. He grabbed a kitchen knife and went after Bradley first and repeatedly stabbed his son in the stomach. The punctures Bradley suffered reached all the way through to the 1-year-old’s spine.

Luckily, a neighbor, whose girlfriend happened to be a nurse, was in the right place at the right time. He was right outside when he saw Hannah running towards him while screaming for help. They got to the hospital and doctors said that Bradley’s injuries were extensive. Bradley then had to undergo several surgeries and medical procedures. “There is no way to describe that feeling to see your son hooked up to all these tubes and all these things I just can’t help him with,” Hannah Batchelor explained about sitting by her son’s bedside and praying.

Her son spent over two months in the hospital recovering from his injuries and Hannah was continuously praying for some sort of miracle. Bradley’s father is currently in prison on $2.5 million bail. According to Hannah and those that know the little boy, they say that Bradley is a fighter. When the two months were finally up, Bradley quickly progressed and his health started improving greatly. “Just to sit there and know you have this little boy there that is full of strength and that’s all I held on to is the hope he would pull through and here we are and he did,” Hannah said. Now, Hannah is saying that her son’s recovery is nothing short of a miracle. “It’s encouraging and it’s all full of hope,” Hannah said. “This story seems sad in the beginning but it’s really full of hope and happiness.”


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