Pit Bull Dachshund Mixed Puppy Becomes Internet Sensation

What happens when you mix a Pitbull with a Dachshund? Well, the answer is simple; you get another of God’s beautiful creations, Rami!

We often see pups and kittens and just want to pet them. Those adorable little eyes and their spunky little feet make us go ‘Awe!’ At the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society in Georgia, Rami will more than make you go ‘Awe!’ The 25 pounds internet sensation has already won millions of hearts.

Rami has unusual looks that have made him an internet sensation. He is a year-old mix-breed with a tiny body and a fierce-looking face. His face must not deceive you. Unlike his fierce-looking face, Rami is an adorable and happy pup who is too hyper to be around small children.

You will fall in love with him at first glance, and you will be inseparable after spending just a few moments with him. But the Moultrie Colquitt County Humane Society where is being cared for at present is highly selective in picking Rami’s new family. Rami is a full-fledged internet star, and the Humane Society does not want him to be a ‘freak show.’

Don Flowers from the Humane Society spoke to ‘the NOW’ and said Rami is for real and he is up for adoption. He also said several families are willing to adopt him, but they want Rami to find a good home where he is loved and cared for instead of being treated as a money minting machine.

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