Piglet Headed For Slaughterhouse Falls Off Truck – Then Walks Into Man’s Home At Just The Right Time

Back in August, a truck was transporting a group of piglets to the slaughterhouse. But destiny had a different plan for one of the doomed little pigs.

In a twist of fate, luck, or what have you, a 3-week-old piglet fell off the truck and landed on the busy St. Louis interstate.

When the piglet fell off the truck onto the concrete, it suffered a broken leg and road burn. The traffic saw the pig in distress and stopped.

One driver was determined to save the tiny piglet (which would weigh upward of 300 pounds when fully grown).

The driver picked the little pig up and knew who she needed to call: Randy Grim.

Grim had lost his mother and had also suffered some medical scares of his own. He had recently opened an animal rescue, but he didn’t have much experience raising pigs.

Still, he opened his home to the little piglet, whom he named Pickles ‘the Miracle Pig’, and Grim says the little pig walked into his life at exactly the right time.

At first, she was scared and did not trust humans… but just wait until you see her life now.

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