Husband Gives Wife Same Exact Box Of Chocolates Every Year For 39 Years… The Reason Why Will Break Your Heart

God is so good to us and he loves to fill our lives with special people! Every couple has their own way of showing love to each other, and this sweet love story goes to show that even the toughest life circumstances can’t get in the way of a strong marriage! Ron Kramer is an old man from New Mexico who has given his wife the same box of chocolates every single year for 39 years in a row. And, each year this gift has an ever-increasing symbolic value.

Kramer met his wife Donna back in 1979 while he working a door-to-door job as an insurance salesman. And, shortly after he knocked on her door for the first time, the two began dating and fell in love. Them five months after that, they got married! Just before the couple’s first Valentine’s Day together, Kramer asked his wife if she liked chocolates. Donna responded and told him that she was a fan of the dark chocolate creams from a local candy store in Albuquerque.

The store, Buffet’s Candies, told Kramer that they would refill the box for just the cost of chocolate if he brought it back on subsequent visits. And, ever since then, he has made an annual pilgrimage that same candy store to fill up the box with his wife’s favorite treats. This year, a local news agency followed Kramer’s visit to Buffet’s. Before leaving, Kramer proudly proclaimed, “we’re not done with this box.” This statement is especially inspiring because Kramer has upheld this tradition even though life for the couple has been so difficult the past few years. Donna was diagnosed with dementia back in 2014 and the disorder has progressed rapidly since then. She was forced to enter assisted living in 2015 and Kramer says that that day was “the saddest day of my life.” Kramer still visits his wife as much as he possibly can and will never stop bringing her these sweet and special chocolates.

Hear more about this couple’s sweet love story in the video below:


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