Photographer captures an image in the clouds some are saying looks like Jesus over the World Trade Center site

Photographer Rich McCormack captured an image hovering over the World Trade Center site that was quite astonishing. The image looked like the outline of the Lord Jesus in a ghostly form who seemed to be showering his blessings over the tragic site.

This image was nicknamed “The Tribute in Light” as a beam of light seemed to protrude out from the ashes of the World Trade Center site and extend upwards into the sky with the image of Jesus at the end of the beam of light.

Rich stated that he didn’t notice the apparition in the picture until he zoomed into the picture and observed it closely.

This picture received a lot of mixed emotions from the public. While some people said that this image increased their faith in the existence of God, others said that the image was tampered with or altered to include the ghostly figure of Jesus. However, there is no real way to prove whether the photo is real or indeed fake.

When I called, you answered me; 
you made me bold and stouthearted.
Psalm 138:3

With our modern technology, it’s rare that we can’t reach someone with whom we want to connect. If they don’t pick up our call, we text them. If we don’t hear back, we look for them on Facebook, in a favorite chat room, or we shoot them an email. We’ve become so conditioned to reaching the other people in our lives that when we can’t connect with someone, we grow frustrated.

Sometimes we may feel as though God isn’t answering our attempts to communicate either. But even if we don’t hear from him the way we want, when we want, we can know that he’s still there, listening and caring. He does answer us and he does embolden us with his power, strength, and grace.

Our Father never ignores our calls or fails to answer our requests. He is always available to us, no technology needed.

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Pray: “God, I’m so grateful for your presence and the way you are always there for me. Stay by my side today, providing me with the security of your loving presence.”

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