Pet Chihuahua Tries To Protect Owner In Pennsylvania Bear Attack

Spending quality time with my pets is something I really enjoy. Reading a book with my cat on my lap, or a little walk with my dog. For a Pennslyvania woman getting some fresh air with her pooch proved to be terribly dangerous.

Melinda Lebarron was outside one day with her little Chihuahua named Bear. Coincidentally, a real bear saw the two and approached. It was a large Black Bear, commonly known to roam the area.

The bear attacked the woman by the leg and pulled her along the ground for about 80 yards. The dog also tried to fight the bear and was attacked. Melinda was able to get away and call for help. Both were severely injured. The woman is currently in critical condition with many broken bones and severe wounds to her body. Both Melinda and the pet will need surgeries and lots of healing.

A local authority said that the bear may have smelled deer meat by the house from previous hunting. There is a search for the bear in the area.

Prayers for the quick recovery of both Melinda and Bear. May their surgeries and recovery go smoothly.

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