Pesky Mosquito Leads to $200,000 Discovery

Since 1997 millions of people watch in fascination as hopeful owners of paintings, furniture, memorabilia, and general hodge-podge make the trek to see the experts of “Antiques Roadshow.”

When the show came to Harrisburg, nearly 5000 people showed up to have their valuable keepsakes appraised.

Expert Meredith Hilferty was taken by a painting she saw of Sioux Indians on a landscape. As she talked with the owner, she learned the young woman, who inherited the art from her grandmother, initially thought the work was a print.

Preparing for college, the young woman wanted to take the family heirloom with her but saw a mosquito trapped behind the glass. As she took the picture frame away from the painting, she grew nervous the art may be original and hold more value, so she returned the piece to the glass and frame.

Much to her surprise, not only was the painting an original Henry Francois Farny; it was painted in the height of his most prolific period. Watch as her discovery moves her to tears.

Thanks to a pesky mosquito she now has a significant piece of art and a great story to pass on to her grandchildren one day.

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