People have no clue what these were used for, do you remember?

Technology is like a wave always moving forward and covering everything in its past that came before. It is supposed to be making our lives easier by the second but some argue it is causing us more problems. Technology does change things and in doing so, older things become more and more obsolete these days. Forgotten in history.

This leaves certain inventions that were made to make life ‘easier’ a vague memory of the past. Current generations seem to be completely unable to guess what some of those things we cherished back in the day. Showing a kid today an 8-track tape is pretty funny. Or even discussing how we recorded songs from the radio on audio cassette tapes, making our own mixtape. But one thing I noticed lately is these little ‘coins’ seem to stump them in how they were used.

Do you know what these were used for?

If you’re over a certain age, then you might guess correctly about what these are.

Yes, they are ‘needle threaders’, which at one time was a staple in any household.

When you were learning to sew, these little things were very helpful in getting the thread into the eye of a needle.

Every sewing kit you could find back then had one of these. Along with with a needle, a tape measure, some scissors, a few pins, and a pincushion.

I remember my mother teaching me to use these, although I was never really good at it.

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