Audience is nervous as “Oh Holy Night” begins to play: But just listen when the little girl opens her mouth

A child’s voice is the sweetest thing to hear, especially when singing meaningful Christmas songs. We hear this in many children’s choirs and HOliday concerts. Little Caire Ryann is no exception.

Claire and her father performed the Christmas song ‘Oh Holy Night’ in front of a large audience. The song has great impact and truly shares the meaning of Christmas. Clair and her dad sat on two white stools with nothing but microphones and her dad with his guitar. Her voice is so precious and pure it’s hard not to simply smile. As the song continued she became more expressive and bold in her delivery.

The 4-year-old girl has made quite an impact on social media as a singer. Her videos have gone viral, leading to appearances on various TV shows. Her parents are very talented musicians. Mom is a pianist and dad plays guitar and sings. Claire has a quick ability to remember things and remember the pitch of a tune. She is very talented for her age.

The family has made several videos together and even included Claire’s little baby brother. They have even released professional music videos where they are dressed in costumes.

Claire is known for singing passionately and connectiong with her songs despite her young age. Her facial expressions are well beyond her years for understanding lyrics.

It’s special to see families do things together in this way and support each other. We hope to see more videos of Claire and her family.

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