Parents Welcome Twin Girls Into The World, 2 Months Later Parents Get Dreaded Call From Doctors

You can always find the strength to pull through tough situations. Kara and Jeremy proved this to be true.

Back in 2014, it was impossible for Kara and her husband Jeremy Barner to wait before they could start a family. Since then their story has been one unbelievable journey. If anything, it shows the immense amount of strength that this couple has shown while enduring what can only be described as a devastating heartbreak.

As Kara wrote on Facebook:

“In the summer of 2014, Jeremy and I decided to get a baby. He took me on a surprise anniversary trip to Ruidoso, New Mexico. However, when we were there, I discovered that my taste for wine and champagne was off. Immediately, I knew that there was something wrong. I definitely love a good bottle of red, and here I was feeling squirmish as the mere taste of wine”.

“A day after our anniversary, I took a test while Jeremy slept and it came back positive. I was shocked to my roots. We had only tried for two months, and God had granted our desires and prayers.”

“I wanted a special way to tell Jeremy that our prayers had been answered, so I kept the news a secret from him. I made an entire show of it, and I could tell the excitement on his face when I finally broke the news to him”.

“Fast forward to a few weeks when I began to feel some serious nausea. I called my doctor and he gave me some meds, although they hardly helped at all after a few weeks, I decided to switch doctors and go in for an appointment. As soon as the sonogram started, I could see the babies moving.

I froze immediately. Tears streamed down my eyes as I saw that we had been blessed with two children”.

It was all fine until I began to have contractions 20 weeks in. I tried to keep them off in any way we could, but I couldn’t hold the babies in after the 29th week. On the 16th of April, 2015, I gave birth to Bristol Grace and Brecklyn Ava at ORMC in Odessa.”

“We were very excited to see our baby girls. However, everything soon tuned sure as we were told that Brecklyn had a heart defect. We took her to Dallas Children’s Hospital, when the surgeon seemed confident that she could help us out”.

The heart surgery was a success, although there were also days at the hospital where she seemed to be getting worse. We were there for a long time, and it seemed like there was nothing that anyone cud really do”.

“One day, Jeremy got a horrible call from the hospital. Brecklyn was bleeding from her mouth, and no one knew what caused it or how to stop it. They took her into surgery, but she didn’t make it”

I was devastated.

On that day, my entire world was turned upside down. It was an immense few weeks for Jeremy and I, but I will like to thank God for granting us the strength and will to pull through and move on. I still miss Brecklyn till this day, but I understand that God had a plan for everything that happened.

I’ll always be a twin mom- both to the one in my arms right now and the one I heaven watching over all of us. We’re expecting a third child, and I’m pretty sure Brecklyn helped God to pick this lovely child for us”

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