New Law Confirmed: You can now be put in jail for leaving your dog out in the heat

With summer temperatures starting to rise in the forecast, people are trying to stay cool as they can.

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy for dogs. It’s often difficult for them to get across when they’re too hot, and some people leave them outside with temperatures rising rapidly.

Dogs can feel the heat just as we can, they also have higher body temperatures and their bodies are also covered in fur or hair.

The state of Pennsylvania has introduced a new law stating that it’s illegal to leave a dog alone outside for longer than 30 minutes in temperatures that exceed 90 degrees Fahrenheit and drop below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Pet owners found violating these restrictions could face up to $750 in fines and up to 90 days in jail.

The law was made in dedication to Libre, a dog who suffered in terrible conditions. Libre was one of the lucky ones; saved before he could become another statistic of abuse and neglect.

It’s been reported that anyone who violates Libre’s law can be handed up to a year in prison.

“This won’t stop animal abuse, but it will emphasize the importance of justice for animal suffering,” said Jennifer Nields, who works at the Lancaster County Animal Coalition.

The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association also welcomed the new law, dubbing it: “an unprecedented profit for all animals.”

Pennsylvania is the first state to take a stand when it comes to protecting animals from extreme weather conditions. Do you wish your state would follow suit?

Libre’s law comes as part of Governor Tom Wolf’s work in strengthening the laws that protect animal rights.

Many animal owners make the mistake of assuming that dogs are cool enough and will find shade outside. But with temperatures over 90 can make it hard for them to breathe.

If you own a dog, always ensure they have plenty of water and cool air when the temperature rises. Their paws are often a give away when the ground is too hot as well, so monitor your furry friend carefully when you walk them. It may be hurting their feet.

If you spot a dog that looks like they are suffering in the heat, or have knowledge of someone who ignores the basic needs of their pets, be sure to contact the right authorities to ask for advice or help. God bless and stay cool this summer! You and your furry friends!

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