Parents Say Toy Makeup Kit Caused 3-Yr-Old’s Severe Allergic Reaction

All parents want to care for their children and keep them protected the best they can. As parents, we also love to buy our children toys and spoil them with things that make them happy. However, two parents are speaking out after they claim a toy makeup kit that they bought for her daughter caused the toddler to have a severe allergic reaction.

Kylie and Tony Cravens turned to social media to warn other parents after they say their 3-year-old daughter suffered a horrific allergic reaction after playing with a toy makeup kit earlier this month. They posted their story on Facebook on March 17, and since then it has been shared nearly 200,000 times. According to them, their daughter, Lydia, suffered the allergic reaction after playing with a makeup kit that the family purchased from their local Family Dollar store. The Cravens then went on to explain in the post that the reaction occurred within 24 hours of Lydia using the makeup. The result was swollen eyes, blisters, and even a full-body rash. The parents also said that a physician who examined at Lydia determined the reaction was a result of the makeup.

“I’m making this post because I feel like it is very important to remind parents to be very careful about what we allow our children to have… For Tony and I this was definitely an eye-opener and we will be more cautious about acknowledging ingredients and educating ourselves on what is good and bad before purchasing from here on out,” the couple wrote. The post then goes on to say that Lydia went from “100% healthy to her eyes swollen and blistered shut.” And if that wasn’t bad enough, they said they also had to apply cold packs about every half hour because her skin was burning. “PLEASE be aware of what you are letting your babies have… ESPECIALLY kids cosmetics…. so this doesn’t happen to your child… ,” reads the final line of the post.

In response to the incident, Randy Guiler, who is a spokesperson for Family Dollar, said in a statement that they had not heard from the Cravens directly, but have seen their story in news coverage and are glad to see that little Lydia is recovering. Guiler also said the following: “In 2016, we purchased a supplier’s product matching the photo on social media. In accordance with our procedures, our supplier’s product had been independently tested for toxic chemicals. Upon being made aware of this incident, we re-confirmed that test results showed that no toxic chemicals were found in these makeup kits. We have received no other complaints or claims of allergic reactions related to this product.”

The Cravens had claimed in their Facebook post that there were six different chemicals in their particular kit that are commonly associated with allergic reactions. Even though it was a scary situation, thankfully Lydia is making a strong recovery and the toddler is looking much better. The family gave another update in a more recent Facebook post on March 22, which includes a photo of a much happier looking Lydia, where the Cravens explained that they’ve seen a huge improvement in their little girl and are grateful for everyone’s support. “Still has some itching but the burning is gone. Hives are still on her face and neck but those too are starting to fade. SHE IS SMILING AGAIN,” the post reads. Thank God little Lydia is feeling better!


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