Parents Say It’s Time to Go ‘Bye-Bye’, Toddler Then Hugs Every Stranger Before He Leaves

The park is such a wonderful place to reflect, relax and enjoy an afternoon. The sounds of music and children’s laughter usually fill the air. On this afternoon, it was time for Jude to leave, and instead of getting upset he insisted on giving hugs to every person in his sight.

Nick and Stepanie Sasfy took their son to the park for a live music event in Atlanta. The festivities were quite a joy and the time to say goodbye had come. Before the family could leave, little Jude walked over to a group of visitors and gave them a hug. Then he approached another person with a hug. Again and again, he looked around and continued to hug more and more guests. Everyone was included. He even took a moment to hug visitors laying down, surprising them by hugging them from behind and eventually finding a little girl to hug about his size.

The crowd seemed to love it and received his hugs with joy. One park attendee even said “Free Hugs” in observance of Jude’s freely giving love. “Free hugs for everyone,” his dad responded with laughter.

Nick posted the video of his son on social media and it has received over 28 million views and a tremendous amount of shares and comments. !

It’s amazing what a small gesture can do to brighten someone’s day. A little boy gives a little love and made the day at the park a something special. Just like God loves us and makes us feel special too.

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