Rare ‘Albino Twins’ Born With Gorgeous Snow-White Hair

When Jorge Gomez and his wife found out they were expecting a baby they were so happy for each other.

The pair were already parents to a son and they now felt as if their family was complete.

As Mrs. Gomez made her typical check-ups with her doctor she was given the news that they were going to have twins.

Everything went according to plan with the pregnancy and twin girls Catalina and Virginia were delivered in Tucuman Province, Argentina.

When doctors first spotted the babies they could not hide their stunned faces. Mrs Gomez was now the mom to two tiny babies so rare and atypical that they became an overnight sensation.

The children were delivered a bit earlier than originally expected but both clocked in at a healthy weight and the mother was doing just fine.

But the couple and hospital crew who were in the room when the babies were delivered were suprised when they saw both children had gorgeous snow white hair!

In the U.S. one in 17,000 babies is born with albinism but these two adorable kids were actually the first set of Albino twins ever born in Argentina.

Albinism is a fairly rare pigment disorder where there is little or no creation of melanin. The significance is that those with albinism have skin and eyes that are extremely sun-sensitive.

“When they gave us the news that we would have two babies, it gave us a lot of happiness and when they were born and we saw that they were albinos, that happiness did not change at all,” dad Jorge said.

“For us it is a blessing,” he said.

These kids will grow up and live amazing lives and the couple are still very determined to show the world that all kids deserve unconditional love and love without judgment.

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