Owner Has Perfect Response After Rude Customer Complains About Special Needs Employees

An angry customer complained to the owner of a Greenville, South Carolina, Pizza Inn, Amanda Cartagine. The customer said that she needed to make sure people were aware that she employed special needs employees. Cartagine one exactly how to respond.

Cartagine decided that she would absolutely notify all her customers that she employed special needs workers, but not how the angry customer wanted.

Cartagine hung a sign on the door of her restaurant informing her customers that she hires “all of God’s children,” according to WHNS.

For the Pizza Inn owner, her staff is like family and she loves them all. Each one brings something special to her restaurant.

“If you have the patience to let them take their time and learn at their pace, when the light bulb comes on, they are unstoppable,” she said to WYFF 4.

She just could not accept the rudeness of one angry customer telling her any different.

The sign on her restaurant door reads, “We are proud to be an equal opportunity employer and hire all of God’s children.”

The sign has now made its way around social media and has gained the attention of her other customers.

As much as 63 percent of Cartagine’s staff have special needs and that is something that she will not be changing anytime soon.

“If he is not OK with that, then I’m OK with him not coming back,” said Cartagine. “That’s a dollar that I don’t need.”

Cartagine said that she hopes her story is a lesson to all to be more accepting of people from all walks of life.

“I want to be able to communicate in a way that is not overly rude but gets my point across,” Cartagine told WHNS.

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