You Can Now Buy Carrot Cake Oreos With Cream Cheese Frosting

As a child I watched programs teaching me about the alphabet. One phrase that stuck with me is ‘C is for cookie.’ Well, today I’m officially changing it to ‘C is for Carrot Cake Cookie,” in honor of the newest member of the Oreo family.

Credit: Wikipedia

As of January 2, 2019, the Carrot Cake Cookie is now officially available.

Fans of Oreo cookies talked about the expected cookie for months. The rumors started as Nabisco released a variety of Oreo cookie flavors recently. Social media profiles from America and other countries were waiting for the big day and sharing any news or tips about the big release.

What makes this dessert so special is the cream cheese and carrot cake filling in the middle. The treat has already gotten rave reviews for those who have been able to find them.

One cookie lover and blogger described his thoughts in a post.

“Having my cake and eating my cookies too! They flavored the cookie once again AND the creme…I dig these, and any carrot cake or gingerbread lovers will too,” wrote DJ Phat.

Another cookie connoisseur also rated the dessert.

“Carrot CakeOreoss! I’ve been really hyped to try these when I heard it was coming out (and cream cheese frosting isn’t even my fav, wierd). These were pretty solid! No lack of frosting here and they hit it pretty spot on with the flavor. Wish there was a little more carrot flavoring. 8.5/10,” said kaketimereviews

What a fun and tasty way to start of the new year!

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