Newlyweds saw an angel in the Texas sky and knew — ‘Everything will be ok’

God is always present amidst us – keeping a watch over us. He leaves signs of His presence for us to discern and source hope and joy from. All we have to do is look closely sometimes. Who knows there may be a divine indication just around the corner.

Newlyweds, Danny Ferraro and wife Carmen spotted a cloud in the shape of an angel while they were driving to take care of some family business down Texas Highway 105. Coincidentally, it was their one month anniversary. The husband and wife duo were dreading the visit and drew immense reassurance from what they saw in the sky.

Danny, 57, believes it was an angel and so does the 1,100 people who shared the image of the cloud-formation after he posted it on Facebook.

Danny and Carmen live in Montgomery, 40 miles north of Houston. Danny identifies himself as a believer although he doesn’t attend church regularly.

Other people seem to have derived hope from the striking image as well. One commenter wrote, “A bell must’ve rung.”

In a follow-up comment, Ferraro said – “I’m glad that everyone has enjoyed the photo. I never thought it would get so many likes and responses, and that it would bring comfort to some as well.”
Danny and Carmen saw an angel in the clouds. What about you? Where have you seen a sign from Heaven lately? If you haven’t, maybe you’re not paying careful attention – look deep and you too may be able to spot divine communication.

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