Bus cam captures driver grabbing terrified boy and saving his life after choking on penny

One school bus driver was heroically able to save the life of a 5-year-old little boy after she noticed something was wrong while on her bus route.

A number of young children were on the bus traveling to school and trying their best to have fun. As usual, the bus driver was frequently checking behind to make sure they were all behaving.

Suddenly, she heard a noise she will never forget. One of the children alerted her to the fact that another kid was choking.

The driver immediately took action. She stopped the bus and leapt out of her seat, rushing to the child’s aid.

Footage from the bus shows how she pulled over and raced to the young boy. It was revealed later that a penny was lodged in his throat. He would most likely have died had it not been for her quick thinking and heroic actions.

This little boy is certainly blessed to have a bus driver who was not afraid to act in such situations and also knew a thing or two about saving lives.

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