New playground craze leaves 11-year-old “looking like an alien” and mom has is warning all parents

Praying for him!

We’re all doing stupid things when we are young. After all, part of growing up is learning to say no to something that sounds risky. Sadly, kids are prone to peer pressure; even the most educated children and teens can be coerced and persuaded to take part in activities that threaten dire consequences.

Just ask the parents of 11-year-old Tyler Broome, who suffered terrible injuries after trying a YouTube craze known as ‘ the roundabout of death. ‘ Yes, the name alone tells you the main facts of the matter, but for Tyler it wasn’t so much an incredibly dangerous stunt as a way to show his friends how fearless he was.

The 11-year-old eventually sustained injuries comparable with those seen in fighter pilots, after being exposed to intense gravitational force (G-force).

The craze he took part in – known as the ‘ roundabout of death ‘ – has the participants sitting in the middle of the playground merry go round while the rear wheel of a motorcycle spins it around at high speed. Soon after the ordeal, Tyler was found unconscious near the merry go round, left with potential brain and vision damage.

“I don’t recognize my child – he is on the verge of having a stroke. Tyler sat on the (merry go round), and the boy who came over was about 17. Tyler doesn’t know him, they are not friends,” said his mother, Dawn. “He puts his motorbike on the floor, gets the (merry go round) spinning at such a speed. When they all stopped, the group just cleared off”

The hospital had never seen such injuries and had to do research before they were able to begin treating him.

“The injuries were so extreme, he just looked like the Elephant Man. They have never seen it before, they are going to make a medical report from it.” said Dawn.

“His head has completely swelled up, his blood vessels have burst, his eyes look alien. His vision is blurry. You can manage a broken arm but this? He doesn’t remember it, he doesn’t remember the detail.”

We will be praying for Tyler and his recovery.

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