New Law: Fail to stop for a school bus and risk losing your license and a $5,000 fine

Here is the United States, riding the school bus is something we all did growing up and our kids do it now. When a child is old enough to go to school, riding the school bus can be one the most exciting parts. The excitement of the yellow bus coming to pick them up and bring them home. A parent should never suffer the loss of their son or daughter from a driver not obeying to stop. Unfortunately this past year some parents did.

There have been several unfortunate accidents regarding drivers and school buses lately. There have even been deaths among adults who were waiting with their children as they got on and off of the buses. In an effort to prevent further injury, strict penalties have been issued for those everywhere, especially in Canada.

A concerned woman wanted to bring more awareness to the number of drivers who ignore the stop signs on a school bus. She recorded multiple cars passing a bus that was standing still with its flashing stop signs. The video was shared on social media with a tremendous number of shares and comments. Viewers were shocked and appalled.

Because of the recent string of events, a bus driver took extra caution by stopping in the middle of multiple lanes to keep children safe as they cross.

Canada recently took action with a few new rules. A fine ranging from $1000- $5000 and a suspended license for three months will be given if drivers don’t stop for a bus.

Hopefully, this will prevent further harm for little ones and educate drivers who may have forgotten these laws. Prayers for all pedestrians and their safety as they travel.

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