Mother Speaking Out After Toddler Brutally Attacked at Daycare

When you become a parent, you develop a special instinct to protect your child. Everyone knows the meaning behind a “mama bear.”

We react with an extreme aggression if someone threatens the little lives under our care. So it’s completely understandable that rage must’ve enveloped a Pascagoula, Mississippi, mother when her 18-month-old son was violently attacked while in daycare.

On Dec. 6, Latoye Sutter got a text message that must’ve made her heart stop beauting in her chest. The daycare where she left her little boy, Dakota Hudson, explained that another child had scratched him.


Posted by Trent Latoye Hudson on Sunday, March 4, 2018

“I asked [the daycare operator] to send me some photos,” Sutter told WOIO. “It took her a minute to send them back, but when I saw the photos I left immediately.”

Cuts covered Dakota’s face. They started at his hairline and ran down his face.

The wounds continued all the way down to his chin. However, they seemed concentrated near his eyes.

“When I made it to the house, she was holding my son,” Sutter said. “He had cream all over his face.

“She explained to me that she had stepped away to light the fireplace, and when she came back my son was crying and covered in blood.” Given the extent of Dakota’s injuries, that length of time seemed suspect to Sutter.

That number of scratches could not have happened in the space of a few seconds. Later, the owner would admit that she didn’t know how long she’d been away, and the attack may have happened over the course of 5 minutes.

Dakota had been sleeping on a small cot in the dark when a 4-year-old began attacking him.

“She said they were okay,” Sutter said, “and the next thing she knew my son was crying.”

Sutter immediately took Dakota to a nearby hospital. While he was being treated, medical professionals called police and the Department of Human Services to investigate.

You’ve got to be kidding me!!! Somebody needs to go to jail!!!???????????????????Pascagoula daycare closed after…

Posted by Tami Martin on Wednesday, December 12, 2018

They soon learned that the daycare wasn’t licensed. This was a big problem, as you might expect.

For instance, children may not be left alone in licensed daycares. Also, any serious injury automatically requires for the child to be treated at a hospital or other medical facility.

Though Dakota should recover fully, it may take a long time. His eyes were injured in the attack, and he needs to have medicine put in them twice daily.

His father, Trent Hudson, noted the abrubt change in Dakota’s demeanor, saying, “He’s going to be staying with his grandmother for a while. He doesn’t want to play with kids like he used to.”

Meanwhile, the state has shut down the daycare. According to WXXV, the attack is still under investigation.

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