Depictions of Jesus Christ from Around the World

Jesus Christ was born to Mary, a Jewish woman of first-century Palestine then called Roman Judea. Yet almost every picture we see of Jesus in America is quite similar to this famous picture – shoulder-length brown hair, brown or blue eyes, neatly trimmed beard and very, very European. Was Jesus white? Possibly, but probably not. Was Jesus black? Possibly, but probably not. Was Jesus vaguely Arabic looking? Probably, but possibly not. But Jesus isn’t just for one culture – He came and is for everyone. In cultures around the world, he looks the part. Check out these depictions of the Son of God from various ethnicities.

Byzantine Icon Casts Jesus as Southeastern European

Chinese Jesus at His Baptism

Korean Jesus is At Peace on the Cross

African Jesus is Taken Off the Cross

Russian Icon Has Jesus Looking A Lot Like the Czars

Japanese Manga Jesus Stands Tall

Native American Christ Shows Compassion

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