Mother Shares Warning After Daughter’s Can of Dry Shampoo Explodes in Car

It was like any other hot day in Missouri when Christine Debrecht’s daughter’s car exploded. The explosion was so strong that Christine and her daughter thought something fell from the sky onto their Honda Civic to cause such a damage. It took them nearly fifteen minutes to realize that the car had exploded from within. What had made the car explode and cause so much damage?

Christine and her daughter observed that the glass was flying out making it obvious that the cause of the explosion was from within the car. Later they realised that the can of dry shampoo that was kept inside the teenager’s car had blasted due to excessive heat. The can of cry shampoo was left in the center console of the car and the top of the console was down.

The can of dry shampoo caused severe damage to the car. It blew the console cover off its hinges and shot through the sunroof. The can went so high in the air that it landed fifty feet away from the car. It was God’s grace that Christine’s teenage daughter was not in the car when the incident happened.

Christine shared images of the damage the dry shampoo can had caused and warned everyone to heed the warnings on the products, especially aerosol cans. Though her insurance would cover the cost of the damage, the incident would have shattered her completely if her daughter was in the car. It was a warning from God that life can be dangerous and cause damage with simplest mistakes we make.

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