Mother Posts Viral Warning After 2 Traffickers Try To Kidnap Her Toddler In Grocery Store

Every now and then we have bad experiences. By no fault of our own, things happen that we don’t understand. It is in these bad times that we see the power of God shine through. His healing touch, His protective presence, and His comforting love are all made visible to us in our darkest hours. For Amanda Cropsey Florczykowski, a regular day at the supermarket could have ended in disaster if it had not been for her instincts and the power of God. Amanda posted on Facebook and her story about a terrifying experience that she had and a warning to other parents soon went viral.

The post tells of how when waiting in a checkout line at the supermarket, a couple also in the line struck up a conversation with Amanda and commented on how cute her two-year-old daughter was. The woman, who was a complete stranger, got very close and reached out to carry the toddler. Having got a hold of the little one the woman backed off and told the child to say bye to her mommy. Amanda’s instincts kicked in and she immediately grabbed her daughter back from the woman. The couple left soon after that but a man remained behind in a closed checkout line and kept watching Amanda and her kids. Amanda was able to get home safely with her kids that day and she attributes this to God’s protection. She firmly believes that the couple and their accomplice were child traffickers and she has put out a warning for other parents to know what to look for. Learn more about Sex trafficking in the video below:

Share this warning with other parents and make sure to keep your children safe!

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