Most people see a black crow in this picture but can you see what’s really there?

So what can be fascinating and really confusing at the same time? Optical illusions!

A picture that has been getting attention online is one optical illusion that is literally turning heads. The picture is of a black crow or so some people believe.

If you look at the photo more carefully, you’ll realize that there’s something else! This illusion, created by accident, has caused thousands of people all over the world to scratch their heads.

It all began with the original image appearing on Reddit, but a few days ago it started trending on Twitter — and then it really took off. It has garnered much interest — and many people say they have never seen something as unusual like this before.

In the photo, posted by Robert Maguire, there seems to be a black crow. And most people look at it and shake their head yes, that is a crow. However, they would be wrong — can you see what is actually in the picture?

Robert Maguire writes in the tweet:

At first glance, it looks like a black crow facing to the right. If you look a bit more carefully, you will soon see Robert is correct, it is a black cat!

We should look at things more carefully in our lives and not just glances. If we really look, we can find that things are far more interesting than we realize. Have you walked around your home lately? Look at the walls, the ceiling, the baseboards. When is the last time you took notice of these things? How about people? We never really look at someone and see their struggles and realize they need help. The holidays are coming up and we should really look closer at those who need help. At first glance those around us might seem like they are doing ok. But they may be just putting on a smile and struggling to get by. We can learn a lot from just a picture of a crow…umm…or cat.

God bless!

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