Mom takes closer look at son during birthday party, then learns his ‘friends’ have been making him sick

Like most boys in middle school, Liam was active in sports, spent time with his friends and seemed to grow bigger every day. Something was very wrong when his mom saw signs of depression and physical change. She knew she had to get to the bottom of it.

Deirdre, Liams mother, noticed big changes in her sons behavior. He didn’t care for his mobile phone, spending time with friends, playing sports or even eating.

“I was determined to get to the bottom of my son’s sudden and severe dismissal of his former passions, but he was so secretive and closed off,” she recalled.

One day Liam asked to stay home from school. With tears on his face, the teenager explained how he felt bullied from peers.

“I asked how often they did this to him. He looked me in the eyes and said, ‘Every day, Mom.’ his mother shared.

Liam shared details of the things said and done to him. He was made fun of as a bad soccer player, hurtful labels, pushed, kicked and even encouraged to take his own life.

The family quickly got medical and emotional help to manage his physical health and well being. They also reached out to the school and families of the bullies without much support or acknowledgement.

Deirdre felt frustrated and shared her thoughts on social medial. She surprisingly received a huge amount of support, including those who made #WeStandWithLiam branded clothing ad more. This helped young Liam to feel loved and encouraged as well.

After almost 3 months of being in a private help and therapy center, Liam bounced back stronger than ever. He finished the year at the same school and confidently played on the soccer team. Go Liam!

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