Family Dog Bites Mom In Bathroom Then She Realizes The House Is In Flames

Animals have such amazing intuition and instincts. They are able to detect things in advance even when we don’t realize it. We’ve all heard stories of pets saving a parent or child’s life, maybe even a family, but in this story, he saves a woman back to back in a matter of seconds.

Nola and Richard Davis decided to adopt a pet for their family. They knew their son Andrew would be delighted at the idea of a dog.

It was then that Patch was welcomed into their home with loving arms. Over time the pup continued to get big in size. The Davis family worried he was getting too big. Luckily they didn’t act on this idea because it would later save Nola’s life.

As Nola sat in the tub taking a soak one day, Patch ran into the bathroom and grabbed her arm. Everyone knew Patch hated to take baths and was therefore not a fan of the bathroom. Despite this fear, he didn’t let it stop him from getting Nola’s attention.

On the other side of the bathroom door was a fire. A huge blaze took over the home. Patch led the way out of the house to the lawn.

After being saved by Patch, Nola became worried about the car catching on fire because it was very close to the house. After already being saved she made an attempt to go back into the home to grab the keys to move the car. The dog stood in front of her and wouldn’t let her go back inside. It was then that there was a large explosion and the house was a massive ball of fire.

Thanks to Patch’s commitment to his owner, Nola was safe and well.

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