Mom Records Sweet Moment Son Is Reunited With His ‘Best Friend’

True friendship is rare. Throughout our lives, we meet a number of different people, but we call very few of them our best friends. Every once in a while, God blesses us with the opportunity to meet that one person who becomes our true friend, our confidante, our sibling. True friends rarely stay in contact all the time, but they are always there when we need them in our lives. Imagine meeting your best friend after a very long time. What would be your reaction? A mother captured two best friends seeing each other after seventeen long months and their reaction can only be described in one word: moving. Of course, the fact that they are children is even more special.

The entire incident unfolded at the airport. The children were seeing each other after seventeen months and they had no idea that their mothers had coordinated their meeting as a surprise. Eli had not the slightest idea that they were in the airport to meet his best friend. As soon as they come face to face with each other, the little girl, his best friend, rushes over to Eli with nothing but joy all over her face. Eli was stunned to see her and embraced her in a bear hug. The little ones could not stop hugging each other and indeed, they had missed each other for so long. They hugged each other for the longest time while their mothers caught the entire incident on video. Later on, Eli’s mother posted the video on social media and, needless to say, the video went viral.

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