Mom Records Baby Twins Having The Most Adorable FIght Ever

Siblings are God’s greatest gifts. You have a best friend, a confidante, and an occasional enemy all in one. Most of us can recall fighting endlessly with our siblings over the silliest of matters growing up. It starts right from the time we are old enough to move about. A mother caught her twin babies fighting over a pacifier in a hilarious video. Their adorable quarrel reminds us of every silly fight we have had with our siblings.

The fight starts with the idea that the twins seem to be sharing a single pacifier. One of the twins seems to be uncomfortable with her sibling having the pacifier all to himself. So, he reaches out and pulls the pacifier out of his brother’s mouth and keeps it in his own! Of course, he does not seem to be very pleased with the fact that what’s his has been unfairly snatched from his mouth. He tuts and cries in frustration as he tries to get a hold of the pacifier. Finally, he pulls it out of his brother’s mouth and keeps it in his own. Needless to say, the pacifier caused some adorably hilarious fight between the twins. Soon the pacifier was being snatched from each other and there were some angry cries of frustration by the two. The video is a reminder that siblings can fight even over a pacifier for absolutely no good reason and these fights are what made our childhood so memorable. The adorable video went viral on social media where it received more than a million views and shares.

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