Gentri gives message of hope in new music video

The men’s group GENTRI is truly a talented trio of singers. Not only do they strive to bring us quality music, but they want to create a lasting impact on our hearts. This is seen in their new music video ‘O Holy Night.”

The storyline shows a family holiday shopping, drinking hot chocolate and finding the perfect Christmas tree. They meet a man living on the streets who assist them with putting the tree on their vehicle. As time goes by, the dad of the family keeps thinking of the man and decides to help him.

One member of GENTRI shared the thoughts behind the video in a recent interview.

“We wanted to make sure that the messages conveyed in our songs were those that challenged the listener to live life more fully and love more deeply. The messages of these songs are an extension of the core message of GENTRI itself. When it comes to self-improvement and trying to be better today than we were yesterday, we are certainly no exception…”

The men have a passion to share their values with others.

“We wanted the music and lyrics to reflect the things that matter most to us – relationships with family, chasing our dreams, and living life to the fullest. The biggest challenge when writing and recording an album always seems to be putting it all together in a way that comes across as authentic. ”

What an enjoyable video to watch and touching song to hear for the holidays.

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