Baby Listens To His Mom Sing The Worship Song ‘Good Good Father’

Whoever said that babies don’t understand and respond? Even though they are so young their responses are real and instant. This baby, named Leland, started to cry when he heard his mom sing, “Good Good Father” and this surprised his mom beyond words.

The beautiful baby was sitting in the high chair eating his veggies while listening to his mom sing. When his mom tried to bring around some cheerfulness and liveliness with a worship song, baby Leland was in tears. He listened to her so attentively and carefully that each word of the song brought an emotional response from him. Though it started off with a cute and cherubic smile, as the song continued the tears started rolling gently down his cheeks.

His baby blue eyes were filled with tears when he heard his mom singing the soft song. While she sang, “You are perfect in all your ways”, the tears became uncontrollable.

Baby Leland was so touched by the words of the songs that he could not stop himself from crying. The tears kept rolling down, without making any sound or even a single cry from his lips. He had volumes to say through his eyes, looking at mom, with amazing attention.

This was not any ordinary song or a lullaby that the mom sang. This was a worship song to God, and the baby understood it all. He was so touched by his mom’s voice and the words, and his emotional response was truly remarkable. In spite of his young age, he understood it and wasn’t able to control his emotions.
It was such a beautiful moment for the mom and son, and it will surely leave a lasting and beautiful impression on the baby. This video is definitely worth watching and sharing. When you see this video, you will also feel connected with the baby, and will not be able to control your tears! That is the power of God and the innocent magic of babies. In all their innocence, with absolutely no pretence, they show their love through their straight-from-the-heart expressions.

10 Best Christian Songs

Christian music is so soothing to the ears and to the soul. If you love listening to Christian songs than you will love this list! Here are the 10 best Christian songs ever recorded:

“Voice of Truth” – Casting Crowns
Voice of Truth stands at the number one position with the Biblical stories underlying it. The song features some of the famous stories from Bible, including David & Goliath. The song was written by Steven Chapman and Mark Hall.

“Why should the Devil have all the Good Music” – Larry Norman
This is another great song that speaks about what’s right and what’s wrong without any confusions. The song is from Larry Norman, and is a favorite of many people.

“By your side” – Tenth Avenue North
This great number conveys the message of what God would have said. Without directly getting into religion, it talks about love, affection, support and all the other things about Christianity, which Christians love.

“Sunshine” – Jukebox Wagon
This is a beautiful number from Jukebox Wagon. Though they have broken up after recording this song, the song’s popularity still remains. This was composed by a folk band and is so soulful and heart-breaking. It talks about being non-judgemental and to make it through all the struggles and challenges in life. It gives the perspective of Jesus throughout the song.

“Beautiful One” – Jeremy Camp
This is a praise-filled song from Jeremy Camp. This song is a favorite amongst Christians who feel grateful to God for all the beautiful miracles in their lives. This song can be heard at all times, whenever you are feeling high or low. It reminds you of your existence and to be grateful to God, even when you are feeling low in your life.

“Give me your eyes” – Brandon Heath
This song from Brandon Heath asks God to lend his eyes so that he can also share love with humanity, just like God did. This song is best for times when you are at your wit’s end about how to forgive someone.

“How you Live” – Point of Grace
This is another beautiful composition from Point of Grace that talks about being grateful. This lovely song gives out the message of caring about how to live and love your life. It talks about kissing your children goodnight, dancing with your wife and it reminds us to care for all things present in our life. It reminds people to be thankful of what they have!

“Shout to the North” – Chris Tomlin
This is a song consisting of contemporary words. Chris Tomlin urges all the Christians to offer praise and thanks to the Lord.

“Everything that has breath” – Parachute Band
This song from Parachute Band, is also another meaningful song telling people having breath to continue praising the Lord.

“Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba” – 77’s
This awesome composition by 77’s is not contemporary but delivers the same Christian message about believing and having faith in God, even during dire circumstances.

Don’t miss out on any of these songs. These are all available on YouTube and you can listen to them whenever you want. You can also buy these songs as these definitely need to be in your beautiful collection of Christian music. All these songs convey the wonderful message about the Lord Jesus Christ.

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