Mom Is Busy Cradling Tiny Newborn When She Peels Blanket Back To Find A Hidden Message

If we really pay attention, it’s not hard to see that life is pretty amazing. God blesses us with wonderful people in our life, whether they are family or friends, who we share loving relationships with. These blessings in life tell us just how much God loves us.

In November 2014, Lauren had just given birth to her baby daughter, Everly a day before. She was sitting on the hospital bed, carrying her newborn, surrounded by family, when she received a surprise that she didn’t expect at all, making her day that much better.

Lauren’s boyfriend, Chad, who is also Everly’s father had planned a surprise for the new mother, and the entire family from both sides as well as the nurses in the hospital were all in on the set up!

Lauren’s cousin was carrying the baby, when she told Lauren that the diapers need to be changed and handed over Everly to her. With Chad beside her, and the family from both sides all present in the room, she started to gently unwrap the blanket her baby was covered in. But when she was done, she realized that Everly didn’t need her diapers changed at all! Instead, on the onesie the little newborn was wearing were words asking her to marry Chad.

Lauren was shocked and couldn’t say anything except, “Is this real? Yes, yes. I will,” while looking over to Chad, who then took out a ring from a small compartment in the onesie. The couple kissed while the family cheered on.

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