Mom Grabbed The Camera When She Heard This Adorable Sound Coming From The Bathroom

As a baby, you go through many ‘firsts’. I remember giving my sons their first baths in the bathtub. In a few years they would be playing in the bathtub and bringing toys to have fun with as they washed. They would start to look forward to bath time every night.

In the video below, it this baby’s first time being in a bathtub. Of course he has parental supervision. 🙂

Now mom was a tad bit bit worried about this whole bath experience. But as soon as it begins, she knows it was the right decision. Luckily she grabbed her camera and filmed it. Now we have this adorable video.

Dad gently cradles his baby in the water. Speaking softly to his baby during this tender bonding moment.

The baby doesn’t seem to notice the water at first. As times goes on, the baby begins to look around and realizes that there are little ripples lapping at their skin.

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