Mom Furious After 11-Month-Old Son’s Hands Are Severely Burned At Daycare

Accidents happen all the time, there is often no one to blame and how we respond to them makes all the difference. God has blessed us with intelligence and when we make use of our gifts, we honor God. To act with integrity and do what is right is the best way to praise God for all that He has given us. When Jenny McGivney received a call from her child’s daycare center one day, she had no idea what was in store for her. She was informed that her eleven-month-old son had touched a hot door and burned his finger, but that he was okay. Jenny was lead to understand that everything was under control and that she didn’t have to rush to the daycare center.

However, when Jenny did go to pick up her son, she was in for a shock. Both his hands were badly burnt and had developed painful yellow blisters. The baby was in terrible pain and was crying bitterly. Jenny rushed him to the pediatrician who told her to take him to the hospital immediately. The hospital had to send Jenny and her son to a special hospital for burn injuries to treat the child. Several surgeries later the little boy is finally on his way to recovery but still experiences some pain. Jenny has sued the daycare center for their negligence both for letting her son get burnt and then not taking the right action for him. Because of her efforts, the daycare center has become more conscientious with their safety of the children.

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