Mom Expects To Die After Delivering Baby During Fire, Then Stranger Drags Her Into Random House

After the delivery of a baby, most mothers need time to rest, heal and bond with their newborn. For Heather Roebuck in Paradise, California, she had to do the complete opposite to save her life.

An announcement to evacuate the facility was made over the loudspeaker of Feather River Hospital. In a rush and state of panic, staff, and patients quickly gathered their things and dashed to escape the burning blaze nearby. Heather had just had a C-section and was still unable to move from her waist down. She was separated from her newborn daughter and husband to be put into a hospital vehicle.

She was placed into the emergency van with the goal of driving to safety. With less than a mile of travel, things took a turn for the worst. The vehicle started to heat up and melt on the road. Heather called her family to say her last goodbye.

At that moment an unknown man pulled Heather from the ambulance and into a nearby home. Inside were a few other patients who attempted to leave the same hospital.

A fire marshal near the home gave instructions to healthy people inside to prevent it from getting burned down. They included clearing pine needles, cleaning gutters and watering edges of the home. Everyone had a job and split up to do it.

Miraculously the entire home was untouched despite the surrounding areas and homes in ashes. Heather is thankful for the man who saved her and for the teamwork of everyone involved.

Please keep those affected by the California fires in our prayers.

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