Mom Convinces Boyfriend To Let Her Order Pizza And Puts Cryptic Message In The Comments

Mothers will do anything and everything humanly possible for their children. Indeed, God has created mothers with a unique strength that sets them apart from anyone else in our life. Cheryl Treadway, a mother of three kids, was in a dangerous situation. The Florida mother and her children were being held captive by Ethan Nickerson, her boyfriend. He was threatening them with a knife and Cheryl was scared for her children’s safety. Gathering her wits, she asked to order a pizza for the children. Fortunately, Nickerson allowed her to order online using her phone. He was keeping a close eye on her and snatched the phone back as soon as she was done but not before she had sent an SOS message through the Pizza Hut app.

She commented on the local Pizza Hut page that she was being captive and the creative mother posted the same message under the delivery instructions. The store manager immediately understood the address as soon she got the message and sprung into action. The manager alerted the police and they arrived just in time to save Cheryl and her children. Nickerson was charged with multiple counts and was found to be under the influence of meth at the time. Cheryl’s intuition and quick thinking helped her save herself and her children. She was able to alert the manager of the situation and get help, all in just a matter of minutes. Cheryl will never forget the incident and thanks God for giving her the presence of mind at the time.

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