Mom Asks If Her Daughter Can Pet Handler’s Service Dogs and Refuses to Hear the Word ‘No’

We often see mothers who would want to give everything to their children, no matter the consequences. Who doesn’t, right? Every mother in the world would want to see her child happy. But some refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer even when they are in the wrong.

It was as any regular day when Megan from Pittsburgh took her service dog Nala, to a shopping mall. Nala, a golden retriever, was also wearing a vest which clearly mentioned about her service dog status. When Megan was standing outside a shop, a mother and her child approached Megan and asked pet Nala. Since it was a question that Megan often heard, he just said ‘no.’ It was her go-to answer, as all the dogs were working. The mother-daughter duo left without a word. Unlike what Megan thought, it didn’t stop just there.

The mother and daughter came back, and the mother was fuming over the fact that Megan responded abruptly. She felt Megan should have been a little courteous and said something that wasn’t rude, but made her point, like ‘sorry, they are in training.’

The mother who was still holding on to her daughter was fuming and scolding Megan for not having signed to discourage people from trying to pet the dog. Nala’s vest was covered in service dog patches, and it was obvious to any onlookers that Nala should not be petted. But the mother continued to harass Megan. A child is a gift of God, so are all animals. It is our duty to protect all of God’s children. As a mother, the lady should have known that Megan was just doing her duty like she was doing hers.

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