Military Mom Breaks Down During Emotional Reunion With Toddler After 6 Months

A mother and a child share a special bond that is incomparable to any other relationship on this earth. Our parents are our greatest blessing from God and it is important we realize this before it’s too late.

Chelsey Speicher hadn’t seen her 2-year old son in 6 months. She is an Air Force Staff Sergeant who was stationed in Jordan, far away from home. She had to say goodbye to her son, Bennett, who just turned two when she left, and her husband. Leaving family and friends is hard for military members when they are deployed, but it must be even harder to leave your child who is only a toddler.

Chelsey spent every day of those 6 months thinking about the day she would get to see Bennett again, hold him in her arms again. They FaceTimed each other almost every day, but despite this, the mother was worried that her son would react differently when they finally meet again. For half a year, the only contact they had was through videos, and Bennett is only a toddler after all.

But when Chelsey reached the airport on the day of her return, she realized how strong the bond she shares with her son is. As she walked out of the arrivals section, her whole family was waiting for her. But Bennett, on seeing his mom in person after so long, couldn’t contain his excitement. He ran towards her crying out “Mommy!” and the duo share a warm hug.

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