Meet the Incredible Conjoined Twins Tatiana and Krista that Can See Out of Each Others Eyes and Know Each Others Thoughts

God sure has his way of amazing us! One recent story that is so amazing and crazy is that of conjoined twins Tatiana and Krista Hogan. These girls are quite extraordinary because they are joined at the head. Known as craniopagus twins, these girls the rarest of all and are one in 2.5 million. But, it is the structure of their brains that has made them even more special. These girls have the astonishing ability to see through each others’ eyes, feel what the other experiences and doctors believe that they may even know what the other is thinking.

The two are now being featured in their own documentary titled “Inseparable” and it follows the twins through a full year in their lives  When they were born, doctors didn’t expect the girls to live long and they warned the family that if they did live, they would most likely be permanently bed-ridden. But today Tatiana and Krista are thriving and it is being considered a medical miracle! Not only is their survival amazing the doctors, it is also a testament to how loving and hardworking their family is.

The Twins live in Vernon, British Columbia with their parents Felicia and Brendan Hogan. The family of 5 also gets help from grandparents Louise and Doug McKay. Now, the twins are attending school and have astonished their teachers with the progress that they’ve made. They are known to be exuberant and playful, so it’s no surprise they are popular with their classmates. Not only have they been surprising people with their academic abilities, but they have also been defying their physical limitations. The twins enjoy riding a specially built bike, sledding down hills on a toboggan, and they have even been learning to swim!

But, their health still remains fragile. Tatiana and Krista do suffer from diabetes and epileptic seizures. Their daily regimen involves pills, blood tests, and insulin injections. Their mother admits that taking care of the girls can be a stressful juggling act. Their medical provider, Dr. Juliette Hukin, explains that the twins’ brains are connected through a “thalamic bridge,” which is a piece of tissue linking the thalamus of one to that of the other. The thalamus is a central hub in the brain that relays sensory and motor signals and regulates consciousness. Neurological studies that have been done on the twins have stunned doctors. Tatiana can see out of both of Krista’s eyes, and Krista can see out of one of Tatiana’s. They also share the senses of touch and taste and their impressive connection even extends to motor control. Tatiana is able to control 3 arms and a leg, while Krista is able to control 3 legs and an arm.  Amazingly, the girls also say they also know what one another is thinking without even needing to speak to each other. “We talk in our heads” is how they describe it.

Despite their unique connection, the twins still remain two distinct people. Tatiana is more talkative, outgoing and high-strung, while Krista is known to be quieter, more relaxed and loves to joke. But, Krista is said to have a temper and can be aggressive if she doesn’t get her way. Learn more about the twin’s incredible story by watching the video below:


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