Matthew McConaughey visits first responders with free turkeys to say Thank You

Matthew McConaughey visits first responders with free turkeys

Matthew McConaughey has gathered highly deserved ‘awwws’ after embarking on mission to deliver turkeys to hard-working first responders in Texas, his home state.

His goal was to commemorate their courageous efforts during Hurricane Harvey, just one year ago.

“I’m Texas born and raised, so acknowledging the hard work and dedication of first responders in Houston is meaningful to me personally,” he said.

The Hollywood star took time out of his busy day to deliver free lunch and frozen turkeys to first responders across Houston as well as 911 operators and emergency room staff.

“Basically today is about saying thank you to these people that were all on the front line and got out there to rescue people first,” McConaughey said.

The first responders are sometimes forgotten after a tragedy happens. They certainly deserve our admiration for the courage they have and the speed in which they rush to help others, even putting their own safety aside to make sure they are there for the those in need in emergency situations.

McConaughey’s visit coincided with First Responders Day, a day which recognizes the important work of emergency workers across the nation.

“I am glad to make it to Houston to recognize how important these folks are,” he said.

Parts of his visits were thankfully captured and shared on social media.

McConaughey’s actions were recognized by Houston’s Mayor Sylvester Turner.

“Honored to welcome him to our city and thank him for spending time and recognizing our [police officers, firefighters,] and 911 dispatchers for their service,” the mayor had said on Twitter.

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