Marine And Bride Worship The Lord During Wedding

Newlyweds Worship God On Their Special Day

Marriages are indeed made in heaven! It is the most special day in life, filled with love and happy thoughts about the future. It is God who created the magic called marriage which is a gift to mankind. What better day to invite Him to be part of this wonderful journey than the wedding day! Although we don’t see Him physically, it is said that by meditating on the greatness of God and praying sincerely, we get closer to Him. This is exactly what this marine and his bride did on their special day.

It was a mesmerizing moment at the marine’s wedding. The most perfect time was chosen to send gratitude and ask God to join in on the celebrations! This video shows how the amazing event unfolded in the presense of God. Friends started to sing the soulful Christian devotional song when the new bride and the groom stood up and lifted up their hands to express their love for God. Making Him a priority, the newlywed couple showed how sincere they are in thanking God for the blessings he bestows every day. Indeed, the union of mind, heart and soul through marriage is the most wonderful gift that God has given to mankind.

The most touching moment can be seen as the audience too joins in to sing and worship the benevolent Lord. This is how it is supposed to be! Watch how the most special thanksgiving to the kind Lord on the most special day unfolds and you will surely feel His presense too.

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