Man’s Eleventh-Hour Boston Marathon Signup Will Honor Sandy Hook Parent

The tragic suicide of the father of one of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre has inspired a man to run the 2019 Boston Marathon.

Dan Friedman says that the death of Jeremy Richman on March 25 motivated him to lace up his sneakers and run in his honor.

Richman’s 6-year-old daughter Avielle was murdered when a lone gunman walked inside the school in 2012 and opened fire.

Friedman said he was compelled to do something so he entered the race even though he’s not sure he’s in the best shape.

“I think because of what it’s for and the meaning behind it that really helps with kind of just ‘all I have to do is put one foot ahead of the other,'” Friedman said.

Friedman’s late entry only left him with about three weeks to train for the event.

The race takes place on April 15.

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