Man Struck With Cancer Gets Miraculous Healing From God

Faith wins where medical science fails. When he was diagnosed with cancer Joseph didn’t know that a miracle was on its way, that God was going to use him as a sign of his never-ending grace and love. A father and husband, Joseph’s faith took a hit in 2013 when he was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Although he was cured by chemotherapy treatments,  the cancer soon returned.

This time, Joseph was devastated. The retired navy officer did not know what to do, now that even medical science had failed him miserably. The only option left for him was to undergo a major surgery, which could prove to be fatal for him. Joseph describes the desperation he felt saying, “It attacks your faith in a way that I never imagined.”

There was no other option left for Joseph but to undergo the procedure. However, although the tumor was removed, the operation led to a host of complications, which forced the medical professionals to implant stents in his esophagus.

The implant, however, came at a cost.

From the time hat Joseph left the hospital he experienced unbearable pain in his chest. He describes them as “sharp pains, burning spasms”, adding “If you know what a charlie horse feels like in your leg, imagine that deep inside your chest.” These episodic pains would keep coming back, sending him into unbearable agony for almost 5 minutes! For Joseph, “it was the most excruciating pain” of his life.

This was definitely the worst time of his life because Joseph cannot recall any time in his life when he was desperate, but this particular phase. The pains kept coming every few minutes, leaving him so indisposed to do anything that he could not even feed himself. With time, things went from bad to worse, and Joseph became bedridden.

Just when Joseph thought that his life had lost all hope and meaning, God opened up the doors of grace to him. He was flipping through TV channels one morning , and got hooked on to the 700 Club. When Pat started praying, Joseph too got onto his knees, stretching out his hands to God, begging him to hear his cries. And to his surprise, he heard Pat saying “There’s somebody that has like tumors in the esophagus. You’ve got tumors in your esophagus.” Joseph started weeping when he heard these words, joyful in the hope that God had finally heard his prayers and was answering him through Pat’s prayers.

“Now, you’ll feel like a hot breath of air is burning through your esophagus, and God is healing you right now,” Pat continued, following which Joseph says he felt warm all over, sending him into an ecstatic state, and he knew the Holy Spirit had come upon him. “I was just weeping and weeping, like I hadn’t wept, I think, ever. But it was joy,” he recalls.

Joseph has never had any pain ever since, and finally sees some meaning and hope in his life. What started out as a curse ended up as a blessing for Joseph – a blessing where he truly realized what the peace of the Lord means.

Stage IV Cancer Healed!

When Shirley got a call from the clinic telling her that her whole body was being eaten up by cancer, she simply broke down. She failed to understand how after all those years of living a life pleasing to God and serving Him faithfully this could have happened to her. Amidst tears, she recalls the exact words that she heard over the phone – ‘Shirley, you are eaten up with cancer.  You have cancer not only in your breast, but it’s metastasized into your bones, into your organs, into your lymph nodes.’ Life seemed to have turned its back on her.

Shirley did not realize what was happening to her until it was too late. As someone who rarely ever visited the doctor, Shirley did not think much of the pains and aches she was experiencing. When the pains increased in frequency and intensity so much that she finally decided to step into the clinic, Shirley’s breast cancer had already reached its final stage. The doctors completely gave up hope, and told her that no treatment was possible in the fourth stage of cancer.

Even more devastating for the family was to hear the doctors reveal that she had only 90 days left before she succumbed to the cancer and died. The news broke her husband, who was left at a loss as to what he and their three children would do without her. Questions began to sprout in his heart about God and his faith, leaving him a desperate wreck.

However, if there was one place that Shirley’s husband knew he could find solace and answers, it was the scriptures. Recalling how the Bible had never failed him in his life, he said to his wife, “Shirley, whose report are we going to believe?  God’s word says that we shall live and not die and Shirley, it also says that no weapon formed against us will prosper and by His stripes, we are healed.” This began a battle – a battle between the cancer, and the couples’ faith in God.

The following days were not easy – there were even times when the pain was so unbearable that Shirley could not even walk. She reveals that there have been times when she even thought of how death would be a solace.

One night, Shirley saw Jesus standing at the foot of her bed in her dream. She recalls having sweated profusely under her right knee, and she was puzzled by this sign. The next day, however, the new oncologist that the couple had contacted, told her to undergo ‘sweat therapy’. The meaning of her dream finally dawned on Shirley, and she realized that God was with her. With renewed vigor, Shirley fought the cancer, going on an organic diet, exercising, and of-course, praying. The members of her church too prayed for her everyday, asking for a miracle.

And then one day, Shirley had another dream. She was standing before a glass window through which she could see a semi-truck rushing towards her at full speed. Shirley recalls having cried out to Christ, ‘Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,’ – and suddenly, the truck tapped the glass in front of her, coming to a halt. She recalls having heard God’s voice, ‘That’s the cancer that I just stopped.’

Now Shirley knew that the Lord was healing her. When she went for her next 90 day checkup, she was shocked when the doctor said  that he could find no trace of any cancer at all! And since then, 2012, there has been so sign of cancer yet. The couple thanks God for releasing Shirley from the bondage of cancer, and feel happy that they put their faith in the scriptures than in what the reports said.

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