Man loses 317 pounds after not being able to bend over and tie his shoes: ‘My weight restricted me so much’

Dustin Hall weighed 534 pounds. He could not tie his own shoes, and a simple stroll to the beach from the parking lot would wind him. His life was inhibiting his lifestyle and health, and he was determined to make a change.

Dustin began by seeing his doctor. In July 2016 Dustin underwent gastric bypass surgery.

“I knew this wasn’t a quick fix,” Dustin wrote in a recent post. Days before he went through the procedure, he promised his wife he would take his health seriously. No cheating.

Dustin began by walking 10,000 steps, or almost 5 miles, every day. When he built up enough stamina, he moved to a gym and worked out on cardio machines. He focused on one area at a time and worked steadily toward his goals.

Soon he moved from cardio only to circuit training which focuses on core strength and larger muscle groups. Dustin paid attention to his diet too. He limited his calories while eating high protein, low card, and no sugar.

Now the 6’3” man weighs 217 pounds and enjoys the look on people’s faces when he must re-introduce himself because they do not recognize him. His wife loves the changes too.

The journey was not an easy one. There were times when the lack of changes on the scale would send him to a dark place emotionally. It was then Dustin would remind himself of how far he’d come, and to be patient.

When people ask Dustin for advice, he has this to say, “Start slow and know there isn’t one plan for everyone…incorporate things into your life you’re prepared to do for the rest of your life. It’s not a race – it’s a journey.”

Great advice, Dustin, and good job!

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