Man Introduces His Wife To The Wild Gorillas He Raised

Damian Aspinall is a successful wildlife conservationist. He spent several years raising two sweet gorillas. Djalta and Ima were just babies. Damian stepped in and took care of them until they were 12 years old. Afterward, they were set free in their natural habitat.

Several years later Damian decided to check on the two gorillas and bring along his wife. He wanted them to meet her and for her to see the animals he spoke so often about.

Damian’s wife didn’t have a background in the same industry and was new to wildlife. This was a completely different experience for her.

There was some caution with reuniting with the gorillas, but also introducing a stranger. Damian hoped the animals would remember him and be welcoming towards her.

Once the gorillas were located in the jungle they recognized Damian. They realized who he was and gave signs of friendship and affection. Damian slowly encouraged his wife to ease closer to him in an effort to show that they were together.

The two gorillas accepted her and took a great liking towards her as well. Damian was thrilled and so was his wife.

A video of the meeting was shared on social media. One can see the journey of finding the two gorillas and also the touching reunion.

It’s easy to see the love Damian and his wife have for the gorillas and how much they love and missed him in return.

Thank you, Lord, for our relationships with animals.

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