Man Finds Lawn ‘Bubble’ In His Yard And Decides To Pop It

God thought his favorite creations to be lead a life of courage through his guidance and protection. Having the courage to face our fears head-on is the equivalent of having faith and confidence in God. By praying to God on a daily basis, we learn how to use harness our courage for the greater good. When we remain faithful to God during testing times, it shows him the true extent of our courage to believe in him even when we can’t see him.

Imagine it is a nice day outside and you go onto your lawn to soak in the morning sun. The moment you step on the lawn, you notice there is a huge bubble. If you happened to be James Callender, you wouldn’t waste any time to poke holes in the strange bubble.

As James was curious to know what was in the bubble, he used a stick to poke holes in the huge lawn bubble. The Daily Mail UK has a good explanation about what leads to the formation of the lawn bubble. They say that as the water is unable to reach the ground, it gets stuck in between the initial layer of grass.

As James wanted his lawn to survive the high levels of moisture, he used a stick to remove all the pressure. After poking multiple holes, he started to step on the bubble to speed up the removal process.

Take a look at the video below to get a better idea about this weird phenomenon!

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