Man faces criticism for setting up GoFundMe to buy Christmas presents for his family

Dad Makes Controversial Crowdsourcing Request

Financial strain for families is something that is very common. There may be unique situations that cause limited income. Some could be college costs, medical expenses or simply the cost of living. For Ben Buckley, it was the combination of these and more.

The 32-year-old father recently had to change his work schedule to assist his wife Kirsty and 5 children. Kirsty had to spend some time in and out of the hospital. She had a lung infection after her most recent pregnancy. With the need to help at home and watch his kids, Ben simply couldn’t work as much.

The fewer hours did not compromise the family for their basic needs, but with the holidays approaching, Ben had an idea.

With a humble heart, he decided to ask for help by creating a GoFundMe campaign. The request was to help him provide gifts and a Christmas for his family.

So far he received a little under 3K in just a few days. Several comments have been made about the unique request.

Some people feel this doesn’t represent the meaning of Christmas.

“He’s set up a fundraising page to buy Christmas presents for his children. I think this shows everything that is wrong in this society and sends out the wrong message to his children.”

Other comments have been very positive and encouraging.

“I cannot understand what is wrong with asking for help. This family is not forcing anyone to donate, so why all the negative comments.”

What do you think of this?

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